Cabling Networks

networkcableMAC Communications provides a full compliment of cabling needs ranging from standard Category 3 cable for phones to CAT 5e and CAT6 for high speed computer networks, and fiber optic for long haul or backbone cabling needs.

Cable becomes a lot more than wire when it serves a mission-critical part of your enterprise. It is a vital artery that needs to perform with unparalleled reliability, to avoid the danger of lost calls, lost data, and lost opportunities. Your cable plans should anticipate future needs; more bandwidth, larger files, more calls, and it should fit within your existing infrastructure.

MAC Communications is a complete resource for the planning and design of your communications network. Once your network is designed, MAC Communications is the only partner you will need for installing, servicing, and maintaining its physical infrastructure. We’ve installed thousands of miles of cable for hundreds of companies, and we have been doing it since 1984-before the computing revolution even began.